Nano technology treatment

Nano technology treatment Malta

Wooden windows with Nanotechnological treatment
Active Shield wood is an innovative non-water-based Nano technological treatment based on
water (SiO2 technology) for wooden windows and doors.
It creates an invisible protection on rough wood surfaces.
Thanks to its excellent hydro and oil repellent properties, Active Shield wood rejects water and
external contaminants (dirt, oils, grease, dust, salt) preventing them from adhering to the cellulose
fiber: their removal will take place in simple way without using abrasive substances or means.
Active Shield wood does not change the breathability of the treated surface and
prevents moisture and problems at the onset of infestations of mosses, mushrooms. It also prevents
the decomposition of wood. Active Shield wood does not change the appearance and texture of
wood, is resistant to high temperatures, and is stable to UV rays.
Active Shield wood is water based, solvent-free and non-polluting.

ADVANTAGES of the application of Active Shield wood:
– Wood surfaces once treated acquire excellent water-repellent and oil-repellent properties.
– Protects against biological aggression (molds and mushrooms).
– Slows down the wood graying process.
– Prevents the decomposition of the wood.
– Does not change the appearance and texture of the paint
– withstands high temperatures and steam cleaning
– increases the duration of the surface thanks to reduced cleaning cycles

The duration of the application of nanotechnology is guaranteed for 15 years.

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